Our History

My name is Zyed, married and father of 4 children. The online sale of second-hand clothes, toys and accessories for our children is part of our daily life. An organization is required for manage these sales.

It is often said that an idea begins with its own experience.

From there was born in 2017 the idea of ​​Kampeky. Why not show live what we sell? Which will make life easier for everyone, on the appreciation and the product quality, stock, speed and simplicity of exchanges between buyers and sellers.

Thus, through the Kampeky web platform and application, we want to revolutionize digital, by making live sales accessible to everyone.

KAMPEKY, accompanies the changes in the world around us and responds to current digitalization needs.

Our Application

Is your application!

Kampeky is not just a standard Marketplace web / mobile application. It is above all a sales tool that revolutionizes digital.

Indeed, it is the first and only Marketplace for direct video sales in real time and its ergonomics also allow it to be a community social network.

A real sale, by secure purchase, of a product presented in its most transparent aspect as in store.

this is the bet we have set for ourselves.

Our Mission

It's to make you feel free.

The Kampeky application is to ensure a safe and fast sale and create better interactivity between users by humanizing digital selling. This also helps to eliminate bad buyers through mediation automatic and instantaneous.

The original idea of ​​our service is to find a way to know what the product you want to buy from a distance really looks like.

Whether new or used, seeing only the photo is not the most representative of the value of a product compared to that which we can have in store.

The user experience presented to us by the application Kampeky, offers many possibilities of uses such as having material proof of a purchase made and the status of a buyer as being reliable or doubtful for example.

All users registered on the mobile application are considered to be French users or users of a French-speaking country from the European Union. No more unanswered photo ads, Kampeky is the premier real-time, video sales application. .

You sell your clothes, your smartphone, use the application to make your sale live by Live video.

You dream of running your store from home, using the live sale for a quick and an immediate sale in complete safety.

KAMPEKY, it's not just an app, it's your LIVE TRADE.

The original idea of ​​our service is to find a way to know what the product you want to buy from a distance really looks like.

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Sweet and savory food

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Beauty products


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The application is completely free to download for users, without subscription, without obligation and without exclusivity.

Legal notices

Kampeky is a mobile application published by SASU KAMPEKY, registered with the RCS of Evry under number 843 929 589 00011, with its head office located at 1H, Allée de Chenevière 91360 Villemoisson-Sur-Orge . Kampeky is the live video selling and buying mobile application. It allows you to sell or buy a product by video in real time.

Our mail: Hello@kampeky.com

Selling live is not complicated, it's Kampeky!