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This Privacy Policy applies to the Online Platform operated by Kampeky 1H Allée de Chenevière 91360 Villemoisson-Sur-Orge France (« We  », ou « Kampeky ») à at the address  (« the Website ») and the associated application operated by Kampeky (« Application  »). To contact us, please refer to paragraph 12 of this Privacy Policy.

The protection of your personal data is our priority! We do not sell or rent your personal data. We collect, store and process this data in accordance with legal provisions, and in particular Law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation) and any implementing legislation that may be taken. We only transmit your data to third parties if this is necessary for the provision of our services, if you have expressly consented to their transmission or if a legal obligation requires it.

However, the services we provide through the Website and / or the Application (together: the«Platform») can only work if we manage to collect, store, transmit, delete and / or use some of your personal data. («To process» ou «data processing»). Personal data is all information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person («Data»), such as your name, date of birth, address or email address.

This Privacy Policy details the Data that we collect and the purposes for which we process it when you use the services we offer you on the Platform. This Privacy Policy also contains important information about the protection of your Data, in particular the rights you have over them.

Some of the services offered on our platform are provided by third parties. When using these services, the data protection policies provided by these third party providers apply in addition to this Privacy Policy. These third parties are likely to obtain your consent relating to the processing of your Data previously. the use of their services

This privacy policy complete the General Terms and Conditions of Use (see:énérales-utilations ), l & # 39; together constituting the basis of your contract with Kampeky regarding the use of the Platform (& laquo; User Agreement & raquo;). In the event of any conflict between the Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy, the provisions of this Privacy Policy prevalent.

2.1 Access to the Website and the Application

When you access the Website or the Application, even when you are not logged in as a member, we process the following Data (log files) :

  • the IP address of your device ;
  • the browser used by your device ;
  • the content and URLs you accessed;
  • the dates and times of access to the Platform

When you access the Platform using a mobile, the following additional Data (log files) are processed :

  • the type of device and the manufacturer of your mobile device;
  • the operating system used by your mobile device (iOS).

In the absence of express consent, we only use the Personal Data mentioned in this section, and in particular the IP address, only (i) to the extent necessary for the provision of our services and / or (ii) for security purposes, in particular to prevent cyber attacks (eg Data captures or denial of service attacks) and unauthorized multiple logins.

2.2 Registration as a member

You must create a Kampeky account to be able to benefit from the services offered on our platform, in particular to exchange through the platform, use the electronic payment system or give evaluations and communicate with d other members. For this purpose, you must register as a member on the Website or the Application. If you have a Facebook or Google account, you can register through one of these accounts.

(a) Registration via your Facebook or Google account

If you register with your Facebook or Google account, you will be redirected from our Website or our Application to the websites of Facebook or Google, where you will be asked to enter the login details of your Facebook or Google account.

When you enter the Google Login Data, Google provides Kampeky with the following Data from your Google account :

  • Profile picture
  • First name
  • Last name
  • E-mail address

When you enter your Facebook Connection Data, you can agree from the Facebook site to also send us the following Data:

  • your public profile (including your member name, gender, profile picture)

and other Facebook Data concerning you, namely:

  • your friends list and / or
  • your e-mail address.

The above Facebook Data is selected keeping the default settings. When you click on the' Continue as ... 'button, you agree that the selected Facebook Data will be transmitted to Kampeky.

We use the Data sent by Facebook or Google to create your account. This means among other things that we use the member name of your Facebook or Google account as the member name for your Kampeky account, which is visible to other visitors to the Website and to users of the Application. We use any friends list sent by Facebook to show other members of your profile the number of your Facebook friends and thus create a basis of trust for transactions involving you. Other Data sent by Facebook or Google is not visible to anyone on the platform.

You can cancel the link to your Facebook or Google account at any time under the My settings tab in your Kampeky account. If you registered without going through a Facebook or Google account, you can synchronize your Facebook or Google account with your Kampeky profile later.

(b) Registration without Google or Facebook account

If you do not wish to register via a Facebook or Google account, you must enter the following information on our Website or our Application:

  • Member name (required to use the Platform)
  • E-mail address (required to use the Platform)
  • Password
  • Confirmation of age over 18.

Your username is visible to all site visitors and app users, excluding other information provided during registration. Your username may be a pseudonym and not match your real name.

2.3 Finalization of your profile

After your registration, you can optionally add more information about yourself to your profile in the «My settings» section of your Kampeky account:

(a) Profile details

You can add the following Data under' Profile data ':

  • First name and last name
  • Gender
  • Birthday
  • Profile picture
  • À About you

Your profile picture and the information entered in the «About you» field are visible to other visitors to the Website and users of the application, to the exclusion of other Data seizures.

 (b) Sending

You can enter under the tab «Shipments» your address as well as a country and a place (town or district) where the item you are offering for sale is located (meeting point The location you specify is visible to other members; however, so that it is not displayed to other members, you can set your location in the «My Settings» section under the «Privacy Settings» tab . Other members will then only be able to see an approximate location. The rest of the information you provide is not visible to visitors to the Website and users of the Application.

(c) Payment

You can enter under the tab «Payment» the bank details (name of the account holder and IBAN) of the account on which the buyers of the goods you sell on the platform must make the To make it easier for you, you can enter your bank details under the 'Payment' tab, otherwise your bank details are not visible to anyone.

2.4 Use of the Platform to carry out transactions

We store and process Data relating to your commercial activity on the platform (eg item, price, time of transaction, etc.). You can view this information in your account by consulting the summary of your transactions.

If you sell merchandise through our Platform, we also collect Additional Data that you generate when you create offers on the Platform, in particular photos and videos of the merchandise offered, as well as texts and other information on the description of the goods (for example, brand, price, size, condition, color, etc.), information on the method of payment accepted, location, comments on the goods, etc. This Data are visible to visitors to the Website and users of the Application.

2.5 Use of the MANGOPAY electronic payment system

Creation of an electronic wallet

If you make your payment by credit card, PayPal, receive payment from a buyer using these payment methods, or use other paid services on the platform, the corresponding transaction will be processed via our MANGOPAY electronic payment system (see paragraph 6 of our General Conditions of Use operated by MANGOPAY S.A., 10 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg ( MANGOPAY »). For this, you must create an electronic wallet on the Platform (called' Wallet 'on the platform) and provide us with the following Data (which we transmit to MANGOPAY):

  • Name
  • First name
  • Date of birth
  • Billing address

(b) Payment by MANGOPAY

When using the MANGOPAY electronic payment system to make your payment, MANGOPAY collects the relevant payment information depending on the chosen payment method (eg credit card, PayPal). The payment is then carried out via MANGOPAY and any payment service provider you have selected (for example PayPal). In this case, the Data Protection provisions of MANGOPAY and the corresponding payment service provider apply. further information on the payment process and payment service providers in paragraph 6 of our Terms & Conditions of Use ( payment by credit card, Kampeky only receives the last four digits of your credit card number. We only use this information for payment confirmation and pre-payment purposes and fraud prevention

2.6 Communication, comments, evaluations

We collect the following Data when using our services:

  • the messages that you exchange with other members via the Platform.
  • your contributions to the forum.
  • the comments you give to the offers of other members.
  • the evaluations you provide
  • your communications with other users..

Please note that for technical reasons, these contents remain accessible after the termination of your user agreement, but without notification of your member name and with a mention that the contents come from a member who has been deleted (see also our General Conditions of Use ( :

2.7 Location data when using the Application or certain internet browsers

Before installing the Application or using location-based content and services in the Application and using certain internet browsers (eg Google Chrome), you will be prompted to give Kampeky or the web browser permission to process your Location Data. If you give us this consent, Kampeky uses the Application and your mobile or internet browser to determine the location of your mobile or computer at based on information from various sources (GSM radio cell, GPS location, surrounding Wi-Fi networks, etc.) Location Data, however, are only approximate data.

We draw your attention to the fact that the Application may not be installed or that the services of the Platform for which the collection of the location is required (« Location services ») may not be used if consent to the collection of Location Data has not been given. You can at all times adjust your mobile or internet browser settings to disable collecting your Location Data. However, this may prevent you from using the Location Services.

Kampeky processes the Standard Location Data collected through your application or your internet browser in order to offer you articles nearby and allow you to meet other members whose location is close to yours ( location-based services). We only retain your Location Data for as long as necessary and to the extent necessary for the implementation of our location-related services.

Unless otherwise specified in part 2 above, we process your Data for the following purposes.

3.1. Contribution of our services

We process your Data for the proper performance of the User Agreement in order to provide you with the services offered on our Platform, in particular for the purpose of :

  • allow the trade of items put up for sale;
  • allow electronic payment processing for goods bought and sold on the Platform;
  • verify your identity and your personal data;
  • allow communication with other members;
  • send messages insofar as this is necessary for the provision of our services;
  • provide an overview of your commercial activity on the platform (transaction history);
  • display the offers of other members that match your profile (for example, the offers that match your gender, age, transaction history and clothing size);
  • be able to display offers from your region, which allows you to make transactions near you, save on shipping costs or meet other members in your region (location-based services);
  • to be able to offer our services without technical errors and to detect and correct any errors.

3.2. Enforcement of legal claims, improvement of the Platform, prevention of illegal activities, system security.

We also process your Data to protect the legitimate interests of Kampeky and / or of the following third parties:

  • Settlement of disputes, implementation of our General Conditions of Use and claims, management of claims.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the use of our platform for the continuous improvement of our products and services.
  • Prevention, investigation and prosecution of illegal activities, especially cases of fraud.
  • Guarantee of the security of the Platform system, protection of the Data stored by us, detection of cyber attacks or other disruption of the integrity of the platform.

3.3. Creation of user profiles under pseudonym

Kampeky uses for the creation of user profiles under pseudonym (« User profiles ») Data collected during registration (see above in paragraph 2.2) and profile finalization (see above in paragraph 2.3), Data on your activity in the forum ( see above in paragraph 2.6), your log files (see above in paragraph 2.1), and your Usage Data collected by cookies (see paragraph 8 below)

Kampeky does not operate these user profiles in any way without your consent, in the sense that a user profile is referred to a certain person, that is say that the identity of the members, remains unknown to Kampeky. Kampeky further guarantees that user profiles under pseudonyms will not be merged with other User Personal Data without your consent from a technical, personal point of view and organizational.

Kampeky creates and uses user profiles to protect the following legitimate interests:

  • We use user profiles to analyze and understand member behavior. This allows us to make improvements and / or add missing services for important and heavily used services on the platform.
  • The advertising presented to members is personalized on the basis of the user profiles created. This means that you are offered advertising related to your interests and tailored to your user profile. This advertisement is displayed and integrated on the Platform and - if you have given us your consent - in emails sent to the email address you provided during registration or via the mailboxes in the account (notification or mailbox ) of the Platform.

3.4. Sending the newsletter and other advertising emails

You are free to subscribe to our newsletter and to receive advertising emails (« Advertising emails »). When you register, we collect your consent for the processing of your e-mail address for the purpose of sending advertising e-mails relating in particular to updated information relating to our services and products, in particular the products offered on the Platform, special offers and promotions. We only send advertising emails if you have given us permission to do so.

By your consent, you also agree that we personalize the content of promotional emails to suit your needs and interests according to the user profile you have created. If you have also given your consent the installation of cookies and the monitoring of your user activity on our Platform (see paragraph 8.2 below), this also includes Data relating to the use of our Platform.

You can revoke your consent to the sending of advertising e-mails at any time to the e-mail address specified with effect for the future by blocking the sending of other e - advertising emails in your Kampeky account or by clicking on the «Unsubscribe» link at the bottom of the advertising email. The revocation does not affect the legality of the processing carried out on the basis of consent until revocation.

3.5. Account verification for security purposes

In particular, we use Data relating to your use of our platform to assign each member a «trust score» by means of an algorithm. The «trust score» makes it possible to identify the signs of abusive behavior on the Platform. In these cases, we will automatically send you a message through our service provider asking you to provide us with your phone number for account verification purposes, for reasons of You will then receive a code by SMS to the telephone number you provided. It is only after entering the code in the Application that you can continue to use the Application; otherwise, the use of the Platform will be blocked. Your phone number is not visible to users of the Platform and will not be reused for other purposes (in particular for advertising purposes).

Access to your account is protected by a password of your choice. Make sure that no one other than you has access to this password. Remember to log out by clicking on the corresponding button after your use of Kampeky. This is particularly important if you are viewing our Site from a public computer. We emphasize that the transmission of Data over the Internet (eg during communication by e-mail) has security vulnerabilities and may not be fully protected against access by third parties.

We take all technical and organizational security measures necessary to protect you against unauthorized loss, access, alteration, disclosure and destruction of your Data. Access to your Data is limited to persons for whom access to such Data is absolutely necessary for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. These persons are required to comply with applicable data protection laws.

Kampeky may use external service providers to provide certain services, which perform certain Data processing on our behalf and on our instructions (subcontractors). Kampeky selects subcontractors with the utmost care, in accordance with applicable Data Protection laws and comply with the provisions of the written contract and other legal requirements for order processing when placing an order.

The operations carried out within the framework of our order include:

  • the provision of the technical infrastructure of the Platform and the provision of storage space;
  • shipping services;
  • usage analysis and web services;
  • account verification services ;
  • customer and case processing services;
  • payment processing and fiduciary services;
  • the confidence and security of the Platform (such as the prevention of fraud and harassment);

The subcontractors that we have appointed may have access to your Personal Data, but may only use them to carry out the processing of the Data transferred, and not for other purposes. processors are contractually bound to guarantee a level of data protection corresponding to ours. All Data processed at our request is subject to our control. We constantly monitor compliance with our instructions, contractual agreements with the subcontractor and the guarantee data protection levels.

Some of these service providers may be located in countries outside the EU / EEA which do not ensure a level of Data protection deemed appropriate in the EU / EEA. However, we have contracts with these service providers or other safeguards are in place to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect your Data in accordance with applicable requirements. We answer questions about our service providers on the platform. form the Help Center.If the information available does not completely answer your questions, you can contact us via the following link: In any case, we offer you the possibility of receive further information on the guarantees that we have implemented or, where applicable, a copy thereof by e-mail.

We draw your attention to the fact that your member name, your profile picture, the information «about me» appearing on your profile (see paragraphs 2.2, 2.3 above), any other content that you publish, (for example proposed articles, contributions to the forum, comments on articles (see paragraphs 2.4, 2.6 above)) as well as the date of your registration and the date of your last visit are publicly visible on the internet and can therefore be recorded by external search engines.This is why we strongly advise against making publicly available addresses, mobile phone numbers, e-mail addresses or other Contact data or information sensitive and private.

Kampeky will share the Data with the other entities of the Kampeky group. In accordance with legal provisions, Kampeky is required to transmit Personal Data and / or Usage Data to investigative and prosecutorial authorities judicial and supervisory authorities if and to the extent necessary to prevent threats to public security and to prosecute criminal offenses.

In addition, your Data will only be transmitted to third parties if you have consented to their transfer or if you have yourself made this Data accessible to these third parties (with the exception of third parties that we have appointed as subcontractors, see part 5 above).

8.1 How cookies work

Cookies are small text files that our Platform places on your computer or on other devices allowing Internet browsing, such as tablets or smartphones. If your browser settings accept cookies, your browser will add the text to a small file.

Unless otherwise stated in this privacy policy, the cookies we use are necessary for the functionality and performance of our Platform. These are, for example, cookies that allow you to register for the protected area of ​​our platform, purchase an item or use the electronic payment system; most cookies are deleted from your device after the end of your browsing session (session cookies). We use the information stored in the necessary cookies exclusively to provide you with the services and functions requested.

8.2 Acceptance of cookies

When you access our Platform, we also collect your consent before installing additional cookies on your device by displaying a cookie banner that requires your acceptance. These cookies are not absolutely necessary for the functionality and performance of our platform, but they help us however:

  • to see how many visitors are visiting the platform and how visitors move around the platform. This helps us to improve the functionality of our platform, for example by ensuring that users can easily find what they are looking for (Analytical / performance cookies);
  • to recognize you when you return to our Platform. This allows us to personalize our content for you, to welcome you by name and to remember your preferences (functional cookies);
  • to record your visit to our platform, the pages you visit and the links you clicked on. We use this information to better tailor the advertising displayed on our platform to your interests. that you have consented to receive promotional emails (see paragraph 3.4), we also use this information to send you personalized promotional emails (targeting cookies).

The cookie banner tells you the purposes for which we use cookies. By continuing to use our platform after displaying the cookie banner , you agree that we may use cookies for the purposes mentioned above (« Acceptance of cookies »). 

You will find more information on the use of cookies by Kampeky and on the possibilities to revoke your consent or to oppose the use of cookies in the following paragraphs of this Privacy Policy .

8.3 Management of your settings relating to cookies

You can configure your browser to refuse some or all cookies, or ask for prior confirmation. If you refuse cookies, this may affect the normal functioning of our services. You can inform you on how to adapt or modify your browser settings for this purpose by consulting the sites ou If you use different devices to access our Platform (eg smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.), you must ensure that the setting of each browser on each device matches your preferences with regard to cookies.

8.4 Use of third-party cookies

When using Kampeky, cookies or web beacons, other providers may also be used to collect information. This can be used for example for range measurement as well as placement contextual advertising and targeting campaigns. Based on your consent to cookies, we will also evaluate user profiles under pseudonyms. However, there is no personal identification. We do not control these tracking technologies. third parties or their use.

You can prevent the storage and tracking of these third-party cookies by adjusting or changing your browser settings accordingly.

As we are constantly developing our services, we reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy, in accordance with the legal provisions in force. Any modifications are posted on this page in a timely manner. cause, you are invited to consult this page regularly to keep you informed of the update of the Privacy Policy.

Unless otherwise indicated in this Data Protection Declaration or in the legal provisions, we keep:

  • the Personal Data referred to in paragraph 2.1 of this Privacy Policy for 30 days from the date of their collection;
  • Personal Data relating to your transactions for 13 months from the start of the transaction ;
  • all other Personal Data mentioned in this Data protection declaration up to three months after the deletion of your Kampeky account or up to three months after five years of inactivity of your Kampeky account.

In accordance with legal provisions, you are entitled, at any time, to:

  • request information about the Data we are processing as well as a copy of it (right to information). You can also have access at any time to all Data that you have voluntarily provided to us on the Platform on your Kampeky account (see paragraphs 2.2 to 2.6) ;
  • request the rectification of Inaccurate Data and, taking into account the purposes of the processing, the finalization of Incomplete Data (right of rectification). In addition, you can change any information you have voluntarily provided to us on the platform (see paragraphs 2.2 & agrave; 2.6) at any time on your Kampeky account (& agrave; except for sent messages and, where applicable, forum posts and ratings) & nbsp;
  • to request the deletion of your Data for legitimate reasons (right to delete
  • to request the limitation of the processing of your Data, subject to compliance with legal obligations (right & agrave; limitation of processing
  • if the legal requirements are met, to receive the Data that you provide in a structured, current and machine-readable format and to transmit this Data to another person responsible or, insofar as it is technically possible, to have them transmitted by Kampeky (right to data transfer)  and
  • not be the subject of a decision based exclusively on automated processing, as long as legal requirements are met. Kampeky does not currently take automated decisions.

You also have the right to object to the processing of your Data for reasons related to your particular situation in the cases provided for by law. If your Personal Data is processed for direct marketing purposes , you can object to the processing for advertising purposes in any case (right to object). .

You also have the right to revoke at any time any declaration of consent made in connection with the registration or use of our services without this affecting the legality of the processing carried out on the basis of the consent until its revocation.As regards the consent to cookies, you can use for this purpose the unsubscribe or deactivation mechanisms set up for the different services (see description in paragraphs 8.4. to 8.6 of this Website Privacy Policy for individual services). A permanent opt-out cookie is then stored in the browser telling us not to detect your browser. Please note that this opt-out cookie will also be deleted if you delete all stored cookies in your browser. You must repeat the above process if you are using our Platform with another device or browser.

You can revoke your consent to the newsletter by blocking the sending of other advertising emails in your Kampeky account or by clicking on the 'Unsubscribe' link at the bottom of the e- advertising mail.

To exercise any other right mentioned in this paragraph, you can contact Kampeky at the contact details below. In addition, without prejudice to any other remedy, you have the right at any time to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority.

In case of questions concerning the processing of your Data in the context of the use of the Platform or the exercise of your rights, you can contact us at any time or contact our person in charge of Data protection using the following contact details

E-mail :

1 Impasse du Général de Gaulle
91240 Saint-Michèl-Sur-Orge

Kampeky Data Controller:

In order to ensure total transparency of our processes, we send you on your request the list attesting to your consent to the processing of your Data. To do this, you can send us e -mail to the address indicated in paragraph 13 of this Privacy Policy.As part of the use of our Platform, you may for example have given your consent to the receipt of advertising emails and / or to the use of cookies.